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W8-2314 8” Paper Coaxial Full Range

Description :
  • 25mm tweeter  with  8” woofer  coaxial  speaker design.
  • Underhung  motor design  with  neodymium  magnet  to reach  low  thd  (2nd, 3rd  harmonic  distortion).
  • Bamboo  fiber  paper  cone  with  durable  rubber surround.
  • Aluminum / magnesium  alloy  membrane  with back  chambers design  to  perform  800  up  to  40khz.

  • Crossover point: 2.5K~4 K Hz
​​Remark :  Wire Connection Reference

Applicable For :
  • 2 Way Design, please refer to SUG2-26 

Unit : pc Gross Weight : 3.07kg