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SUG3-33 8" 3 Way Vented, Floor-Standing Enclosure Suggestion

Proposal :
  • This is a set of recommended three-way, floor-standing reflex speaker design solutions for audiophiles.
  • Adopting high-quality 25mm titanium tweeter 25-1983 with a 75mm soft dome midrange 75-1558SH and extremely low 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion 8-inch underhung woofer W8-2096B.
  • TB suggests the (high pass) crossover point around 2.5K Hz, and the mid-bass crossover point around 520 Hz, so each driver can perform at its own best.
  • This is an enclosure suggestion worth making for audiophile DIYers. From its process of making, you could have preliminary knowledge of speakers, and get the fun from it.
Contents :
Remark :
  • Excluding cabinet and other accessories.
  • Cabinet Suggestion : 41L / Fb:37 Hz.
  • Crossover Point : 520 Hz, 2.5K Hz.
  • For further cabinet and crossover suggestion please refer to SPEC below.

Unit : set